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Multi-Directional Styling with Fortune Wigs: Lace Top vs French Top

At Fortune Wigs, we believe in empowering our clients with versatile and adaptable hair solutions. Our wigs are designed for multi-directional styling, offering a range of looks to suit any occasion. One question we often get asked is the difference between lace top and French top wigs. Let's dive in:

Lace Top Wigs: Elegance Meets Versatility
  • Natural Look: Lace top wigs feature a delicate, sheer lace base where individual hair strands are hand-tied, creating the illusion of natural hair growth from the scalp.
  • Lightweight Comfort: These wigs are lightweight, breathable, and provide a comfortable fit, ideal for long-term wear.
  • Style Flexibility: Lace top wigs allow for multi-directional parting, giving you the freedom to switch up your look with ease.

French Top Wigs: The Epitome of Luxury
  • Hidden Knots, Seamless Appearance: French top wigs are designed with a double layer of lace, the hair is knotted on the lower layer and then pulled through the upper layer. This hides the knots and gives the illusion of hair growing from the scalp.
  • Durability: The double layer construction provides added durability, ensuring your wig stands the test of time.
  • Styling Versatility: Like lace top wigs, French top wigs also offer multi-directional parting, enabling a multitude of styling options.

At Fortune Wigs, both our lace top and French top wigs provide natural-looking hairlines, superior comfort, and exceptional styling versatility. Whether you opt for the lightweight elegance of a lace top wig or the luxurious durability of a French top wig, you’re investing in a product designed for beauty, comfort, and style. Experience the transformative power of multi-directional styling with Fortune Wigs today.
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