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Salon Services & Prices

Cutting Services: ($100-$450)

  • Full Cut ($300-$450): A complete haircut service by our salon professionals that transforms your wig with a new, customized style.
  • Fall Cut ($100): Tailored trimming for fall wigs to blend seamlessly with your natural hair.
  • Re-cut ($200): Refresh your wig’s style with precision cutting, perfect for updating your look or maintaining the shape of your style over time.
  • Bang Cut ($100-$175): Stylish cutting of the front hairline to create bangs that frame the face and enhance your facial features.
  • Thinning ($100-$150): Careful reduction of hair density to create a more manageable and naturally flowing wig.

Coloring Services: ($175-$200)

  • Rooting Wig ($175): Adding depth and dimension to the wig roots for a look that truly mimics the natural regrowth of hair.
  • Adding Highlights ($200): Adding depth and dimension to your wig by adding your choice of highlights
  • Adding Lowlights ($200): Adding depth and dimension to your wig by adding your choice of Lowlights
  • Alteration Services:($10-$850)

    • Cap Resizing ($100-$150): Custom adjustment of the wig’s cap for a fit so perfect, you’ll forget you’re wearing it.
    • New Elastics ($50-$75): Replacement of worn elastics to ensure your wig maintains its snug fit and comfort throughout the day.
    • Tighten Elastic ($30-$45): Minor adjustments to the wig’s elasticity to improve fit without a complete replacement.
    • New Clip ($10): Installation of a new clip to secure your wig in place, ensuring confidence in your wig’s stability.
    • Add Velvet Lining ($75): Addition of a soft velvet lining for added comfort and to prevent the wig from slipping.
    • Lace Front Surgery ($750-$850): A specialized service to add a lace front to a French Top Wig which redefines the hairline for an ultra-realistic look that mimics natural hair growth.
    • Lace Extension ($250-$400): Enhancement of your wig with additional lace to increase its length or volume, tailored to your personal style requirements.
    • Patch Lace ($150): Meticulous repair work to mend tears or worn areas in the lace for extended life and wear.
    • Trace Hairline ($400-$500): Artistic creation of a natural-looking hairline, on lace and lace front wigs offering a seamless transition from wig to skin.
    • Tighten Lace ($40-$50): Secure lace tightening for a flawless, undetectable fit that looks as natural as your own scalp.
    • Temple Extension ($50-$75): Extending the temple area of the wig for an improved fit that caters to your unique head shape.
    • Remove Ear Tab ($50-$60): Removal of the area of the wig that comes down in front of the ears. Creating a more comfortable fit for some wearers.

    Hair Repair Services: ($30-$600)

    • Wash & Set ($60): A revitalizing wash followed by a professional set to restore your wig’s vitality and style.
    • Same Day Wash & Set ($75): A swift and efficient service for cleaning and setting your wig, perfect for those in a hurry.
    • Wash Only ($30): A thorough but gentle cleansing process to rid your wig of product build-up and environmental pollutants.
    • Set Only ($30): An expert styling service to ensure your wig is perfectly coiffed and ready for any occasion.
    • Adding Hair For your Wig (Per oz.) ($200-$600): Filling thin areas or bald spots on your wig with additional strands, perfectly matched for color and texture, for a fuller look.
    • Adding Hair For your Extensions (Per oz.) ($75): Volumizing your extensions with additional strands, perfectly matched for color and texture, for a fuller look.
    • Fill Hairline Triangle ($50-$75): Filling in the triangle area to enhance the wig's shape.
    • Fill Part ($50-$75): Adding definition to the part line, creating the illusion of hair growing directly from the scalp.
    • Add Baby Hairs ($100-$150): Incorporating delicate, fine hairs around the hairline for a softer, more natural edge and realistic appearance.
    • Cover Fall Seam ($100): Seamlessly blending the transition of a fall wig for a cohesive look indistinguishable from natural hair.
    • Convert Wig to Fall ($100): Transforming a full wig into a fall style for versatility in wear and styling options.