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Our number one priority is to assure your comleate satisfation, if you have any questions or concerns please dont hesitate to ask. "We're Not Happy Till You Are"

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Our number one priority is to assure your comleate satisfation, if you have any questions or concerns please dont hesitate to ask. "We're Not Happy Till You Are"

Hair length guide

Length Guide


Color match


What is the width of the Fortune Halo Hair Extension? 

Our halo hair extensions are uniquely designed with the top width being 11” and the nape length being 5”.
In this way the halo should fit nicely around your ears without being in the way.

Are the Fortune Halo Hair Extension one size fits all?

Our halos are designed with adjustable hooks to custom fit every head comfortably. You can find the perfect size for your head by moving the hooks tighter or loser one at a time. Your hair extension should sit comfortably around the crown of your head. For more information on the perfect fit see our The Perfect Fit blog.

Can the Fortune Halo Hair Extension fall out?

No worries! Your Fortune halo hair extensions will not fall out if applied correctly. You may feel it move a little on your head and that’s ok. You will have the weight of your natural hair on top to hold it in place. Our hair extensions do not have any clips like most other companies. We find that the clips tend to pull at your hair and may even cause a bald spot. Without the clips, the application of your halo is easier since you won’t have hair getting stuck in the clips. If you want to feel extra security if for example you’re walking at the beach or dancing and a party just slip in a bobby pin or two so that you feel that security.

What makes Fortune Halo Hair extensions different from clip in extensions?

So, halo hair extensions are like what it sounds like! A Halo around your head when you wear a Fortune Halo Hair Extensions you will get fullness on the sides of your head and the lower half of the back of your head. Also, you will be able to have an even distribution of hair around your head and it will always be worn in the same spot. Clip in extensions is a little different. They usually come in sets of pieces and in all different sizes. You would then section off the places where you would want to add fullness to your hair and then find the size that fits and clip them in. They are not as comfortable as the halo since they can be heavy, and the clips can pull at your hair. However, for people who are just thinning in a specific area like the top of the crown, then clip in extension would be right for them since the halo cannot be worn that high.

What are the benefits of Fortune Halo Hair Extensions? 

  • Gorgeous hair instantly! No more teasing and spraying to try to get fuller hair- thicker longer hair in seconds!
  • No damage to your natural hair- since Fortune Halo Hair Extensions are not tapped or weaved into your hair you can continue to grow and preserve your own hair in the meantime
  • No commitments! – you can slip these extensions in and out whenever you please! In the mood for long full hair for date night- no problem! Chilling on your couch without wanting anything in your hair- just slip it right out!

  • Money saver- no more expensive appointments to the salon for reapplying permanent hair extensions.

Will the Fortune Halo Hair Extensions blend in nicely with my hair?

These hair extensions blend best with hair that is a few inches below the shoulder and have thin to medium hair type. Those with shorter hair will have a harder time creating a seamless blend as will those with very thick hair.


FAQ FOR WIGS or toppers

When I order, will the wig I get be styled like the photo on the site?

Our wigs are stocked uncut and unstyled. Unless you select to have your wig or topper cut and styled, refer to the Hair Style page, it will be sent to you in factory condition and will require professional cutting and styling before it can be worn. If you would like to have your wig custom styled, please leave a note with your order (there is a place to do so) describing how you would like it. Moreover, you may email us a photo of the style and one of our professionals will make it. If you will be sending in a photo, please place your order number in your message header, attach the photo, then send it to Having the wig styled with us is $198. The price for having a wig cut varies and you can get a quote upon request.

What kind of hair is used in your Mazali™ Wig line?

We source the hair for our Mazali™ human hair wigs and toppers from a small region on the North-Eastern border of China. This area borders on Russia and the hair found in these parts is much closer, ethnically to European hair. Due to its naturally fine and silky texture, the hair requires no chemical processing. However, due to the fact that the locals have very dark hair, we do color process the hair. This can also be referred to as minimally processed hair. Second to virgin European hair, this hair is the finest in the world. Most of our business is done with this hair and our customers are generally extremely satisfied. Our reputation speaks for itself.

How long does a Mazali™ human hair wig last? What is the expected lifespan?

Our Mazali™ Wigs has an expected lifespan of up to 3 years. But there are any factors that contribute to how long it will last. This includes how it is cared for, how active the wearer is, how often it is worn under the sun, and if it is used every day or switched off with other units. 

Are your wigs multi-directional? Can I change the location of the hair part? 

All of our human hair wigs are multi-directional. The location of the hair part can be changed. Our unique multi-directional part allows for unlimited styling possibilities, similar to naturally growing hair.

Are your wigs made with Remy human hair? 

Yes. Remy is also known as "Cuticles Intact" and all of our human hair products are Remy.

Do you offer fully custom human hair wigs and hairpieces?  

Unfortunately, we do not offer fully custom wigs or hair pieces. Nonetheless, we offer local customization like highlighting, coloring, or adding hair for an additional fee. Contact us for a custom quote.
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