Our Story

In 1998, the Fortune Wigs journey began.

Shopping for wigs should be an easy, happy, process, and that’s what we’ve created. The need for beautiful, affordable, and more natural-looking wigs was clear, and so Esther Tobias created Fortune Wigs. A business that would serve - giving customers delight and dignity through their wig purchases.

The focus on elegance, beauty and high fashion continually drives the success of this idea, and today millennials from all over the world turn to us.

We make finding the perfect wig easy - a simple process where our customers can feel comfortable and excited at a click of a button. Esther has become known for her truly accommodating ways - her kindness, sincerity, and her amazing, laid-back approach to life. The company has adopted her personality, making the business authentic and personal in all its dealings.

Fortune Wigs is a family-run business and proudly stands true to their solidified motto of putting customer happiness first.

 There is no exception when it comes to the all-around experience of purchasing a wig from Fortune Wigs. It’s a journey, and with Fortune Wigs, we do our best to make it an easy, special and memorable one.

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