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Discover the Ultimate Natural Look: How to Choose the Perfect Wig


Three Wig Types:

At Fortune Wigs, we offer three main types of wigs to suit your individual preferences and needs:

  1. French Top: The French top wig features a natural-looking scalp and part, as it conceals knots and return hairs. This style provides a multi-directional look, ensuring a seamless and realistic appearance.
  2. Lace Top: Lace top wigs offer natural movement and a flat front that blends seamlessly with your hairline, thanks to the delicate lace fabric used in the cap construction.
  3.  Band Fall: Band fall wigs are versatile and easy-to-wear, featuring a band at the front that can be hidden with your natural hair or a headband for a chic and stylish look.

The Lace Surgery – A Revolutionary Service:

We understand that our clients desire the most natural-looking wigs possible, and that's why we're excited to introduce the Lace Surgery service. This innovative technique combines the benefits of both French top and Lace top wigs, providing you with the ultimate natural appearance.

Our talented team of stylists and technicians carefully cut open the front of a French top wig and attach lace to the wig so that the two fabrics – lace and silk – line up seamlessly. The lace front is then added to the front of the silk top, creating a one-of-a-kind wig that boasts the advantages of both styles.

With Lace Surgery, you'll enjoy:

  • A wig with no visible knots or return hairs, thanks to the silk top
  • Multi-directional styling options for ultimate versatility
  • Natural movement and seamless blending provided by the lace front

At a cost of $750, Lace Surgery is an investment in your confidence and style, offering the most natural-looking wig available.

Why Choose Fortune Wigs for Your Lace Surgery?

At Fortune Wigs, our caring, humble, and client-focused approach sets us apart from the competition. Our skilled staff is committed to listening to your needs, providing expert guidance, and ensuring an exceptional customer experience throughout your wig journey.

When you choose Fortune Wigs for your Lace Surgery, you can expect:

  • A warm, empathetic, and professional atmosphere
  • Expert advice from our knowledgeable staff
  • A focus on your individual needs and preferences

Make an Appointment Today!

We invite you to contact our dedicated staff to learn more about Lace Surgery, or to make an appointment to discover the perfect wig for you. Our team is here to help and ensure you leave our salon feeling confident and beautiful.

For more information on wigs, check out our other blog posts [Link to other blog posts] and explore our website [Link to website]. We look forward to serving you and exceeding your expectations at Fortune Wigs.

Remember, our motto is "we're not happy till you are," so don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. We are here for you every step of the way.

Stay safe and fabulous!
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