Repairs & SERVICES

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Will my product be insured?

When your ready to send in your wig, topper, or hair extension, for a repair. Please use our return lable in order to ensure that your fully insured in case it gets lost via transit

How do I know if my wig, topper, or extension needs repairs? 

Signs that your wig or extension may need repairing include: tangled hair, shedding, split ends, lack of shine and damage on the cap such as rips.

What types of damages can be repaired?

Damages such as tears in the fabric base (on wigs and toppers), broken wefts or clips (extensions), Missing hair etc.. Can all be fixed!

Can you fix any type of wig/hairpiece/extension brand?

We have a team skilled in dealing with different brands & products. However it is best to check ahead so our staff can carry out an inspection first before proceeding with restoration services.

How long does it take for repairs?

The time required will vary depending on severity/nature of damages needed but most simple repairs usually take between 24 hours up-to a week.

How much does it cost for repair services?

Repair costs depend on complexity and extent of damages incurred often requiring an initial assessment by specialists.

How can I receive updates about my repairs?

You can contact us through our contact form on our contact us page. We are happy to provide you with updates.