Band Fall Wig

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Band Fall Wig

Band Fall Wig

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  • 100% Remy Hair: Experience Grade A premium quality.
  • 6-Month Guarantee: First 6 months of repairs on us!
  • Complimentary Styling: Your first wash and style is free.
  • Hassle-Free Returns: Easy, no-fuss process.
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Product Details

Product Detail Description
French Silk Top Lining with Rootless Technology Move your parting effortlessly, no makeup required. This feature gives you the flexibility to change up your style while maintaining a natural look
Natural Appearance Designed with a normal density and a flat hairline, our wigs mimic the look of natural hair, ensuring seamless integration
Silky and Sleek Hair With no returns, the hair in our French Top Wigs is smooth and shiny, enhancing your overall look
Small Lift at the Front Our French Top Wigs slightly lift at the front, adding a touch of volume and realism that mimics natural hair
Durable Construction Crafted with three layers of fabric, our French Top Wigs are more durable than lace top wigs, promising longevity and style
Hair Quality Remy (cuticles intact), double drawn, fine human hair.
Layered Length Hair sewn in layers, extending approximately 2-4" longer than stated length when measured from crown.
Top Feature Hand-sewn French Top (skin top).
Cap Comfortable stretch cap with adjustable drawstring for a snug fit.
Attachments Comb at hairline & snap clips for security. Option for customization without comb and clips.
Hairline Vented at hairline for a natural look with hairs sewn into the seam to hide it.
Scalp Hair Direction Multi-directional; can be parted anywhere for versatility.
1. Wetting The Hair Secure your wig on a mannequin head. Wet the hair in the direction from crown to ends. Avoid circular motions and keep water close to the hair.
2. Shampooing Work shampoo from the wig's bottom to the top. Use fingertips to gently lather. Ensure no circular motions are used during the process.
3. Rinsing Rinse thoroughly, removing all residues. Always flow water from the crown to the ends.
4. Conditioning Avoid conditioner near the roots if hand-tied. Start applying from the nape, working towards the roots, ensuring even distribution through stroking.
5. Drying Pat with a dry towel. For daily-wear wigs, wrap carefully in a towel and squeeze water from root to tip.
Questions & Answers
When I order, will the wig I get be styled like the photo on the site? Our wigs are stocked uncut and unstyled. Unless you select to have your wig or topper cut and styled, refer to the Hair Style page, it will be sent to you in factory condition and will require professional cutting and styling before it can be worn.
What kind of hair is used in your Mazali™ Wig line? We source the hair for our Mazali™ human hair wigs and toppers from a small region on the North-Eastern border of China. This area borders on Russia and the hair found in these parts is much closer, ethnically to European hair. Due to its naturally fine and silky texture, the hair requires no chemical processing.
However, due to the fact that the locals have very dark hair, we do color process the hair. This can also be referred to as minimally processed hair. Second to virgin European hair, this hair is the finest in the world.
How long does a Mazali™ human hair wig last? What is the expected lifespan? Our Mazali™ Wigs has an expected lifespan of up to 3 years. But there are any factors that contribute to how long it will last. This includes how it is cared for, how active the wearer is, how often it is worn under the sun, and if it is used every day or switched off with other units.
Are your wigs multi-directional? Can I change the location of the hair part? All of our human hair wigs are multi-directional. The location of the hair part can be changed. Our unique multi-directional part allows for unlimited styling possibilities, similar to naturally growing hair.
Can your wigs be cut, ironed, styled, or blow-dried? The answer to each of these questions is yes. Due to the nature of the higher quality hair that we use, the wigs can be styled like how you would on normal hair. You can even use heat appliances like hair-irons and curlers.
Can highlights be added to the Mazali™ line wigs? It is possible, but not for all types.

Since the hair is already color treated, the result may vary. We don’t recommend highlighting our blond wigs since they are already bleached. But if you really want to, you must try it on few strands first so you won’t ruin the entire wig. Adding new highlights and/or color is at your own risk and we are not liable for any damage you will inflict to it.

How long will it take me to get my order? In stock items will have a processing time of 1-3 business days followed by a shipping time of 2-5 business days. If you need an item faster contact us by phone or email and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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