Fortune Wigs Inc. Terms, Conditions, Warranty, & Return Policy

 Fortune Wigs Inc. Terms & Conditions

Please read before placing your order.

Business hours

Our Customer Service is open from Monday through Thursday, 9:00am to 5:00pm EST and Friday 9:00am to 1:00pm. Our salon service and order processing are closed on Friday. Our Customer Service is closed Saturday and Sunday. Our website is closed for ordering on Saturday and open on Sunday for online orders.

Order Processing time

Orders placed for “raw” (not cut or styled) wigs will ship within 24 business hours. Orders placed for wigs that require styling, cutting, or other customizations will ship within 72 business hours, not including Friday.

Size adjustment policy

As a matter of policy, we manufacture 70% of our wigs in a medium cap size since this is the most commonly ordered size. We also keep more limited stock of small, large, and sometimes extra-large as well. If you place an order for an item and we have it in stock in one size up or down, our fully professional wig alteration staff will adjust the size to match the size you ordered. When this is done, usually the size tag inside the wig is removed to avoid confusion.

General Return Policy: 10 Day money back guarantee (Satisfaction Guarantee)

Wigs that are unworn and unaltered may be returned for a full refund for the first return. Subsequent returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee. (no fees applied to an exchange). This is our “Ten Day Money Back Guarantee”. To return or exchange a recent purchase, please contact one of our representatives and inform them of your decision. You will then be provided with an address and details to return the wig. Please note that we live by our motto “we are not happy until you are” and we will do our utmost to make sure you satisfied with your purchase, from re-cutting, to making sizing alterations, and other customizations, often at no charge. For most simple adjustments, you will not be charged during our 10 Day Money Back guarantee. For more advanced customizations, please inquire with one of our representatives to get an estimate on cost. Wigs that have been cut and styled by our company are eligible for exchange during this time period. Refunds cannot be applied to a wig that has already been cut and styled although they are still covered under our 1 year warranty.

Sale Item Return Policy

Items purchased during an online sale with a coupon providing a 10% discount or more, or items purchased at a local "Blowout Sale" at reduced prices are not eligible for return.

Restocking Fee

All final returns will be subjected to a 10% restocking fee (except for your first return which is not subject to a restocking fee). Restocking fee is not applicable to exchanges.

6 Month Quality Guarantee

All our wigs  except (Consignment Wigs) comes with a 6 months free warranty if the wig starts to shed/ creates bald spots or color fades. The wig warranty service is NOT a replacement of a new wig. Rather, its a service where we replace or add more hair if in the unlikely event you experience balding on the wig.

Please note warranty does not cover:

  1. Accidental damage to the wig
  2. If the wig has been altered eg recoloured, bleached
  3. If the lace is torn/ripped
  4. If glue, gel or tape has been applied whilst wearing the wig.
  5. Sleeping with the wig on
  6. Swimming with the wig on
  7. If the lace of the wig has been cut further back than the hairline

Please note that our warranty for hair replacement service on a wig that is shedding within a year can take up to 3 months.