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How do I keep my wig looking natural? - Fortune Wigs

How do I keep my wig looking natural?


The Art of Authenticity: Keeping Your Wig Naturally Flawless


A wig is more than a hairpiece; it's an extension of your personal style. At Fortune Wigs, we understand the desire for a look that's as natural as your own hair. Our salon experts are here to guide you through the nuances of maintaining that seamless, just-grown look.

Essential Tips for Natural Wig Appearance:

Mastering the Match
Ensuring your wig matches your natural hair texture and color is foundational. If the wig is synthetic, opt for one with a variety of hues to mimic natural hair. For human hair wigs, consider custom dyeing to achieve the perfect shade.

Perfect Placement

The hairline of the wig should align with your natural hairline. Use clips and adjust the fit to avoid slipping, which can betray the illusion of natural hair.

Regular Maintenance

Like natural hair, wigs require regular care. Wash with wig-specific shampoos and conditioners, and invest in proper storage to maintain the shape and texture.

Avoiding Unnatural Shine

Some synthetic wigs can have an unnatural shine. Counteract this by using a dry shampoo or applying a little talcum powder.

Incorporating Hair Accessories

Hair accessories aren't just decorative; they're strategic. Headbands, scarves, and clips can add authenticity to your wig by mimicking how you would style natural hair.

Lifestyle Integration:

Your wig should accommodate your lifestyle. A natural look is as much about how it moves as how it sits. Choose wigs that offer flexibility and resilience to various activities without losing their natural appeal.


A wig that looks like it's sprouting directly from your scalp is the ultimate goal, and it's attainable with the right care and techniques. From the cap construction to the final styling touches, every aspect contributes to the natural look. At Fortune Wigs, our dedication to realism in hairpieces is matched only by our commitment to your confidence and satisfaction.
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