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Recommended Hair Products


Taking care of your hairpieces—whether wigs, toppers, or extensions—requires a thoughtful approach with quality products that offer both care and longevity. Experts in haircare from salons highlight some top-tier choices to keep your additional locks looking luscious:

Davroe: This brand has carved out a niche in the salon industry with its high-grade offerings. Davroe’s product suite, including their cleansers, conditioners, and styling aids, is crafted to deliver nurturing and safeguarding effects for hairpieces.

Kerastase: A stalwart in the haircare realm, Kerastase’s range caters to a spectrum of hair types, each formula honed for specific hair needs. The brand's reputation is anchored in their products' ability to enhance hair wellness and durability.

O&M: Standing for Original & Mineral, O&M prides itself on its natural and organic ingredient ethos. They create haircare products that are as kind to your extensions as they are to the environment, ensuring effective care without harsh chemicals.

Pureology: With an eye on color-treated hair, Pureology’s offerings are devoid of sulfates, aimed at maintaining the color depth, vibrancy, and shine of hairpieces, all while delivering essential hydration and nourishment.

Kevin Murphy: Merging efficacy with eco-consciousness, Kevin Murphy’s lineup is designed to meet various hair needs without compromising the planet. Their commitment to environmental stewardship is matched by their products’ haircare prowess.

When selecting products, caution is key. Avoid options that may diminish your hairpiece’s integrity. Certain products, such as those from brands like Pantene, Moroccan Oil, Olaplex, Head and Shoulders, Herbal Essences, and OGX, may not be ideal due to potential adverse effects like cuticle stripping, dryness, silicone buildup, bond degradation, color fading, and scalp irritation. For best results, adhere to the expert-endorsed brands above to ensure your hairpiece remains in peak condition.

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