Lace Topper

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Lace Topper

Lace Topper

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  • 100% Remy Hair: Experience Grade A premium quality.
  • 6-Month Guarantee: First 6 months of repairs on us!
  • Complimentary Styling: Your first wash and style is free.
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Product Details

Product Detail Description
Handmade Excellence: Our Lace Toppers are fully hand-tied, ensuring utmost quality and a flawless blend with your natural hair.
Lightweight & Natural: Enjoy the comfort of thin, flat, and lightweight toppers that mimic the feel and appearance of natural hair.
Versatile Styling: With no fixed part, our Lace Toppers allow for flexible styling, so you can change your look as you desire.
Comfortable & Breathable: Crafted from sheer lace, the toppers offer breathability and comfort for all-day wear.
Strength and Elegance: Despite their delicate nature, our Lace Toppers are robustly designed to withstand daily use when handled with care.
Product Detail Description
Cap Size: From front to back its measuring 6" and from side to side its measuring 5"
Weight It weighs from 1.8oz to 2.3oz that's from a 14" to 20"
Number of Clips Its Got 4 Clips
Questions Answers
What distinguishes the Lace Topper from other hair toppers? Our Lace Toppers are handcrafted for excellence and feature a lightweight lace, for extra comfort and breathability. They are specifically designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair for a flawless, natural look.
How durable is the Lace Topper? If well cared for, these toppers are built to last and can maintain their beauty for years
What is the construction of the Lacet Topper? Similar to our lace wigs, the Lace Topper is made from a single fabric, resulting in a consistent texture and appearance, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the topper.
Will the Lace Topper blend well with my natural hair? Absolutely. The topper is designed for natural integration, requiring no makeup or additional coverage, and blends effortlessly with your hair for an authentic and seamless appearance.
Is the topper comfortable for all-day wear? Yes, our Lace Topper is made with light, breathable lace, ensuring comfort throughout the day, making it ideal for continuous wear.
1. Wetting The Hair Secure your topper on a mannequin head. Wet the hair in the direction from crown to ends. Avoid circular motions and keep water close to the hair.
2. Shampooing Work shampoo from the bottom to the top. Use fingertips to gently lather. Ensure no circular motions are used during the process.
3. Rinsing Rinse thoroughly, removing all residues. Always flow water from the crown to the ends.
4. Conditioning Avoid conditioner near the roots if hand-tied. Start applying from the nape, working towards the roots, ensuring even distribution through stroking.
5. Drying Pat with a dry towel. For daily-wear, wrap carefully in a towel and squeeze water from root to tip.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Suzanne Jones
Amazing product.

My 9x9 toppers is perfect. I ordered it online. The lady (Frida) I think was very nice and patient. I ended up getting exactly the piece I wanted.

Leora Secemski

Color was perfect, and it arrived the next day!

Dear Leora,

Thank you immensely for your five-star review! At Fortune Wigs, our motto is 'we're not happy until you are'. We pride ourselves on being a full-service salon, always striving for ultimate customer satisfaction. Your feedback fuels our passion, and we're grateful for your trust.

Should you ever need assistance or have any queries, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can contact us at or call/text us at 1-888-585-4550. We're always here to help!

Thanks for choosing Fortune Wigs!

Warm regards,
Fortune Wigs Staff

**Top shelf quality topper**

Honestly excellent quality hair. Clips in on top and has some stretch so depending on where your hair line is, it really is an excellent amount of coverage without being quite as bulky as a full wig. Silky smooth - I have never had a bad quality Mazali!

Naylya Nurgalieva

Monofilament Clip-in Human Hair Women's Topper

Patricia P

I've been ordering this piece for years and I love. The hair feels just like mine did before I lost it.

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