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Wigs for Alopecia – A Perfect Solution for Your Dilemma


 allopecia wigs

They say that our hair is our crowning glory. It can be our medium to express our personality and makes a huge difference to our appearance. When properly styled, it also gives us a nice ego boost.

But what happens when we slowly lose them because of alopecia? To some, it can be very frustrating and depressing, imposing intense emotional suffering that affects one’s personal and social life. It happens without a warning – and there is no proven cure to it.

What is Alopecia?

Alopecia is a common autoimmune condition that affects approximately 6.8 million people in the US and 147 million worldwide. It starts when the immune system attacks the hair follicles, thinking that these are foreign substances (like viruses and bacteria).

In some cases, this may be unnoticeable, but for some, they may see huge bald patches in their head or body.

It prefers no gender nor age – men, women, and children may have it at one point in their lives.

Quick Fix – Wigs for Alopecia Patients!


Hair growth remedies may need some time to take effect. In some cases, not all people respond well to them. But alopecia should not put you in a dark position that could severely impact your daily activities. If you want to conceal your condition and regain your lost confidence, wigs can certainly help.

There are several types of wigs for alopecia patients that are available in the market today, all of which you can purchase online or in-store. But it is very important to choose one that will look natural when worn and can last for months or years, depending on how well you take good care of it.

Initially, it is nice to visit a store so that they can thoroughly explain to you the different types, and you can personally see and feel their recommended pieces. That way, you would know what to purchase again in case you want to start ordering online.

Before we discuss the types, here are a few tips:

  • Pick a size that snugly fits your head.

  •  Wigs can be itchy so make sure that the materials used feel comfortable. You can also use a wig cap to address this issue, but it can be a little bit hot.

  •  In some cases, the style may not match your face shape. If that’s the case, never cut it. It’s best to seek help from a hairdresser.
  •  In some cases, the style may not match your face shape. If that’s the case, never cut it. It’s best to seek help from a hairdresser.
  •  Know the right ways of washing and drying your wig.

Choosing a Wig Style

Wigs come in various styles – a full wig, medical hair topper, a bang attachment, or a halo.

  1. Full wigs are great for those who have totally lost their hair.

  2. Hair toppers are ideal to add volume to your current thinning hair.

  3.  A bang attachment is perfect for those who are experiencing hair loss in the front part of their head. It can be used with a scarf or a hat to make it look more natural.

  4. A halo is ideal for those who find wigs uncomfortable and cumbersome to wear. This is commonly attached in a hat, and the hair is only attached to the bottom part.

Natural vs. Synthetic Wigs for Alopecia

Wigs are made of natural and synthetic materials. As for the synthetic wigs, if high-quality materials were used, you won’t notice a substantial difference when you touch them. But the disparity lies in the cost and maintenance.

Synthetic wigs’ color doesn’t fade but they don’t last for a long time as compared to natural hair. You can’t also style them as exposure to high temperatures may damage the strands. However, it’s certainly a much affordable option among the two. On the other hand, natural hair wigs may be expensive but you can cut, style, or dye it. However, you need to retouch the color and restyle it from time to time.

Find the Best Wigs for Alopecia Patients from Fortune Wigs

Fortune allopecia wigs

Suffering from alopecia can deter your normal life and we truly understand how challenging it is. It can be an endless battle but you have to look for some options that can give you back your confidence and continue your journey. 

Fortune Wigs have high-quality wigs for alopecia patients. They are covered under our 1-year warranty, either a fix or replace, depending on the discretion of our hair specialist. In case you are unsure of what will fit you best, do not hesitate to contact us. One of our representatives will help you come up with a decision.

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