Wig Shedding

Balding or Shedding- An overview and how to avoid. 


You own a human hair wig or topper and it appears to be losing hair, shedding, or balding. You don't know what to do. In this article, we examine possible causes and how to determine what the issue may be.These are the primary reasons a wig will lose hair: 

1. Manufacturer defect

2. Brushing technique

3. Washing technique


When a wig is sewn in either a monofilament or French sewing process, the knots of the hair on the scalp area are sewn and knotted by hand, then chemically sealed. In the case of human error where knots on individual hairs were not tied or sealed properly, shedding can be a problem.

This type of problem will become apparent immediately after purchase when even light brushing or running fingers through the hair will leave you with a significant amount of hairs in your hand. While this type of issue is rare, if you do notice it, please notify us immediately and the unit will be replaced. 


If a wig is not brushed using proper technique, hairs will be pulled out unnecessarily with each brushing. While this may not cause any bald spots immediately, over time the wig will lose a significant amount of hair and noticeable thinning or a bald spot may become noticeable after a period of a few months.  

To brush your human hair wig correctly, always start at the bottom working your way across and move up incrementally. For a full text tutorial please visit this page: Tips For Wearing A Human Hair Wig and watch the video below.


There are a number if things that can go wrong washing a human hair wig that can cause the knots to loosen over time and cause shedding. This includes but is not limited to: Submerging a wig or topper completely, applying products directly to the hair or scalp, or wringing the hair. If the wig is not washed using proper technique, the knots on the scalp may loosen over time and the hair may begin to thin or bald. For instructions on washing your wig correctly, please view the instructions on this page: Tips For Wearing A Human Hair Wig

I hope this article is useful in helping you understand the issue of balding or shedding in human hair wigs