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what’s the difference between Monofilament Topper & French Silk Wefted Topper?

A Monofilament topper is a material that is made from a blend of very fine lace-like material, generally polyester or nylon mesh. Because of the uniqe construction of this hair topper type, its great for sensitive scalps, as the top is breathable. In addition, monofilament will take on the color of the wearer's scalp once the hair topper is inplace. Each hair on a monofilament topper is hand-tied to the mesh blend base. This enables you to part the hair wherever you'd like and still have the appearance that it's growing out of your own scalp.

A French Silk Wefted Topper is really intresting, they are constructed using 2 layers of glass-silk with 1 layer of swiss lace being in between them. So you'll be getting all the benifits of the mono topper, plus the bottom of the cap for additional hair, consists of wefts constructed directly on the topper.


Monofilament Topper


French Silk Wefted Topper

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