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Mazali Bliss™

Like the Mazali™ line, the Mazali Bliss™ line is created with stunning Mongolian hair. This hair is very fine and silky. The density on this line is quite full so you will have a voluminous head of hair. Additionally, this line is crafted with a unique "clip-less" cap. In place of clips to hold these high-quality human hair pieces in place, there is a velvet-like material that creates traction with the naturally growing hair beneath or a wig cap worn on the scalp. The result is a supremely comfortable fit, and no tug associated with clipped in hair-pieces.

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  1. Mazali Wig, 100% Fine Human Hair, Color #8/6, Med Brown, Straight, Short, 18" Layered, Cut

    Length: 18". Color: #8/6 Size: Medium Hair Texture: Straight Scalp: Multi Directional, Skin Part. Condition: Gently Used. Layered Cut Web ID# 43364
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