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About The Mazali™ Line Of Human Hair Wigs


Our Mazali™ line of 100% human hair wigs are the ultimate in beauty, comfort, and affordability. Styles range from chic to conservative, to high fashion. The two most notable features of this line are the extra fine Asian hair used and our French Top scalp. The hair used in our Mazali™ line is superior to it's mainstream Chinese counterpart as well as to other Asian hair. The secret to it's European-like fineness is due to the geographical location we source it from, a small area of China bordering on Europe. Because the hair is naturally fine and silky, we do not have to put it through heavy chemical processing like most other wig brands. The result, is a stunningly naturally wig that looks like virgin European hair- at a fraction of the cost! Our special French Top scalp provides for the appearance of naturally growing hair. In this process, the individual hairs are pulled through a fine piece of scalp colored silk before being sewn into the cap. The result is that even upon close inspection, it is impossible to decipher that you are wearing a wig. There are no visible "roots"!